Finally in China

We are finally in Beijing after a LONG travel day...or night...I'm not sure really what time it is or what time my body actually thinks it is.

Our longest leg of the flight was Detroit to Beijing and that was 14 hours. If you are someone who can sleep in an airplane seat, you should count it as one of God's greatest gifts. We all got some sporadic and uncomfortable rest over the duration, but it definitely cannot be called sleep. The kids were champs though. They all did well and the flight could not have gone more smoothly. No allergic food reactions and no meltdowns...so we'll count that as a win. Still, after 14 hours we were definitely done.

Our guide met us as well as several other families at the airport. We checked into the hotel and had dinner...and we had no energy for anything else. We were all falling asleep at the dinner table. So now everyone is tucked in bed and getting some much needed rest. Tomorrow is a sight-seeing day and we will be heading to the Great Wall. Thank you for praying...today went more smoothly than expected.


Unknown said...

I have been waiting for your post since getting up on Thursday. Lol! It gave me chills to know you guys are in China already!but thankful! Can't wait to hear the kids stories.

Martha said...

Whohoooo!!! I know u r tired!!! So glad to see your faces and see that map!

Unknown said...

yay!!!!! the girls have been asking about y'all nonstop!! love you guys and praying for you!!!

Anonymous said...

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