Rotationplasty Prosthetic Leg...The Final Product

In early January 2013, Bailey picked up the final finished version of her prosthetic leg. I wanted to post a few pictures of the process that occurred to get to that point. I have been taking a lot of photos and video and eventually will put a more detailed progression together...but until then, here is the "snapshot" version. Bailey's rotationplasty was June 5, 2012. Chemo dramatically slows healing and so she was completely non-weight-bearing for almost four months following surgery. She received her first prosthetic leg at the end of September 2012. Every few months following that, revisions were made as she gained ranged of motion in her new "knee." She did not get a new leg each time, they simply tweaked the old one. However, from this point on, there will only be new legs when she either outgrows or breaks her current version. We'll then use the old leg for the beach or times when she needs a leg that can get really dirty, dinged up or messy.

This is the first day on the very first version of her leg. 
(September 28, 2012)

She had this first version for a while, as it takes some time to gain the needed flexibility in the ankle that has become the knee. The ultimate goal is for the foot to be pointed straight down similar to that of a ballerina. As you can see in the photos below, it starts out fairly bulky...the prosthetist does not "finish" it to look pretty until all of the final adjustments have been made.

 One interesting thing to note above, is that Bailey's "knees" are not aligned. This is because she lost a growth plate and so the surgeon had to estimate her final height. Eventually, as she grows, her knees will even out. While it may not be perfect, people can actually tolerate a couple of inches difference with no noticeable gait issues.

After a few months, Bailey went in for an adjustment...the foot socket was pointed even more vertically, since Bailey's range of motion had improved. They were also able to take some of the bulk off of the bottom.

 The below pictures were taken recently, after the final product was completed. Bailey chose a flesh-toned leg this time around, but she may go with a crazy fabric pattern or something fun on the next one. The metal rod at the bottom can be hidden to look like leg as well, but for now, she likes the hardware showing.  If you look closely, there is a protrusion on her right side where her calf would have been...this is because although she can point her foot down, it still wants to move to the outside a bit...so for now they are allowing space for that. In her next leg, that hump will not be there and her foot will be completely straight...almost giving the illusion of a calf in the back

This photo below just makes me laugh...its so Bailey. I've included it though because it does an excellent job of showing how her "k-nankle" (new knee) functions.


So, that is the new leg. Her three month scans showed no evidence of disease (NED) and the surgeon has cleared her for all activity with no restrictions. Bailey is back to playing some sports...and although she is slower for now, she knows this is only temporary. Since she has the "all-clear," Bailey is also about to begin more intense physical therapy and her next goal will be running...which she is very excited about.

After an incredibly long and challenging year in which we faced many fears and also made an agonizing decision...we are beyond thankful that this smile has returned...this is what joy looks like...


jo said...

I have followed your story from the very beginning. Your last post about Caleb was amazing,so moving and hopefully others will gain a heart for adoption. Love the new leg pics,Bailey looks like one happy girl.
Love and blessings x

Sonja said...

The leg looks great and she does too! So glad things are working out.

Julie said...

Love that this story has ended with a smile--even though the journey to get there was so long and tough. I'm always amazed at how people--and kids--can do so much more than we would at first think. Hugs!