The Bag Are Packed

Our Chinese adoption started about ten years ago. Seriously. It is a long, drawn out, God-story, with an ample mix of joy and sorrow. For the full version, check out the "Adoption Story" tab above.  There have been so many stops and starts to it over the years. Now, even though our bags are packed, it still feels as though we are simply taking a vacation. We are going on holiday to the Great Wall, except that I packed an extra suitcase for a child we have never met. It is an adventure to China, with a baby pick-up smack dab in the middle. It's crazy and it's a lot for my brain to comprehend. Our hearts have been broken repeatedly, and for many years we thought a Chinese adoption was no longer a possibility. We have been in protection mode for so long that it is difficult to let down those emotional walls.

But it is time. We are crazy excited and completely afraid...which is usually where stepping out in faith leads you. It's a healthy mix of joy, thanksgiving and sheer terror. We have done this whole parenting thing before...both bio and adopted...and it is not for sissies. Plus, we are old now. Adding another little one with some special needs makes no practical sense. It certainly will not make life easier, and yet when God calls, you feel the undeniable desire to march forward anyway.  

Please join us in prayer as we take this clan on the road to round up the one little soul we have been praying for and pursuing since long before she was even born.

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