Thank You

Thank you dear friends and family for not succumbing to adoption fatigue. Each week, you ask, "Any news?" or "When are you leaving?" and each week we give the only reply we can, "Nothing yet." But you continue to call and e-mail...you haven't given up on us...and we are so grateful. Our support group is amazing and I am continually humbled by the number of people who seem truly invested in our journey.

Once again, sadly, nothing to report. Apparently, everything in Ethiopia takes "a few days." It is an oral society and one can't just pick up the phone to handle issues. People must be spoken to in person, so in order to move forward with anything, the particular official in charge must be physically located. Obviously, this can be quite a challenge and provides some explanation for delays that seem to take much too long by our American standards. Last week, the official that our agency needed to speak with (about the issue in Oromia) was traveling to the various orphanages in the region and could not be located. It was also Ethiopian Christmas and so life was slowing as offices prepared for a few days off to celebrate the holiday. It was a frustrating week filled with very little information.

We are desperately hoping for good news this week. To think of our little boy spending any more time in an orphanage is breaking our hearts. We covet your prayers for this process and for him.

Thank you for checking in with us again. We are truly blessed.

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Brandy said...

Tiffany, I can't imagine how hard this has been but when the time comes (soon, I pray!) it will be so amazing. He will experience more love with you guys than he has ever known. I can't wait to hear some GREAT news very, very soon! Hugs & prayers!!!