Embassy Date

Our embassy date is February 9!

After beginning this process almost a year ago, we have reached the final leg. The delay in Shashemene left us feeling as though this day would never come. But so many have prayed so faithfully and God has answered boldy.

Much of the adoption process if filled with fear of the unknown. Someone said to us that by the time we are to travel, we will be so ready to bring our child home that much of our fear will fade. We have reached that point. I am still very humbled by the idea of becoming a mother of four. There are mothers who do their job quite gracefully, but I am not one of them. I slug out domestic life to the best of my very limited ability, but never in my dreams did I envision that I would be responsible for the hearts of all these kids. It is daunting. But we are absolutely ready to scoop up our precious little angel and bring him home to his forever family. He is ours. (The parallels between adoption and God's love for us are astounding...He scoops us up, out of the "muck and mire" and we are His.)

We are as ready as we can be and praying that God meets us in the rest. Baby steps.

Time to start packing...

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Baxter075 said...

Congratulations! We are a fellow CWA family adopting from Ethiopia as well, although we are early in the process. Your blog continues to bring us hope and encouragement. God Bless you and your new addition!