Our Son is in Addis!

We just received an e-mail from wonderful Patricia (our caseworker) entitled: Your son is in Addis today!!!

Her e-mail read, "The children were moved from Shashemene today and will be going for their embassy physicals tomorrow! It's a happy day!"

My heart did a flip flop and there is much to celebrate at our house today. Finally - we are moving forward again!

As typical with adoption, my joyful heart still feels the underlying sorrow. Our baby has just left the home he has known since June...probably the only home he remembers. Is is afraid? Is he sad? Will he miss his nannies? Will he miss his "friends?" He is old enough to be terrified and confused and I wish I were there to comfort him. I have to rest in God with this or I will make myself insane. He will be getting very good love and care at the transition home...and we are one step closer to him....and that is good news!!!

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Brandy said...

Yeah!!! Great news! You guys are one step closer to holding and loving that sweet boy!!! Congrats!!