Still no news...

We thought we were so close. A couple of weeks ago, there was still a chance we could be given a December 29 embassy date. However, the continued issues in Shashemene have made that impossible. Last week, we heard that things were resolved and at any moment our little man would be moved from the orphanage to the foster home. After days without much communication or resolution, our adoption agency began to probe further. Apparently, they had been getting information from the orphanage, but upon calling the government directly, they learned that things were not as close as they appeared.

As of yesterday, we are still awaiting formal word from the Oromia officials and until that happens, no children will be relocated. So...we wait again. We are desperately hoping to have the baby moved, so that we can be given a January 12 embassy date - but it has to happen quickly. We don't need a lot of time, but we need at least a few weeks to ensure that the embassy date is still open, to find lodging, to organize logistics at home and to avoid spending extra thousands of dollars on airline tickets.

The hope is still that good news could come any day - and we pray this is true. I've been relatively peaceful up to this point, but the longer it continues, the more difficult it gets. I have an empty nursery upstairs that is stocked and ready for a little one...and that little one is currently spending his days in an orphanage without a family to love him. We are growing weary and it is unbearable that he would be lonely for even one more day.


Julie said...

Praying for you guys. I can imagine that this part of the wait definitely intensifies daily. I'll pray for peace in your hearts.

Brandy said...

Love the new photo with you guys holding the picture! So sweet! Praying that you hear news quickly so that you can bring that sweet baby boy home to be loved on by his siblings! Have a Merry Christmas!