Still nothing...

The last news that we received about our little boy was that there would be no news either way until early next week. The hold up in the Oromia region (our child is in the Shashemene orphanage) is complicated to explain, but the majority of the issue now is related to bureaucratic process...official announcements, leaders being out on field visits, etc. This is beyond frustrating. To wait is difficult...but to wait for longer than necessary for no apparently good reason feels unbearable. We received our referral on September 8 and we were approved in court on November 18 (after a minor delay on November 17). We know of several people with court dates around ours - one is already home and one is traveling this week - and at this point we have already missed the cut-off for a January 12 embassy date.

To know that our sweet baby boy is "living" in an orphanage even for a few extra weeks is excruciating. We are hoping and praying that next week will bring news of an embassy date.

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