Adoption Update

After months of "paper-chasing," we are actually to the point in this process where we are truly beginning to think about the new little one who will be joining our family. Adoption is a long journey and for many, many months it just seemed "out there" - somewhere in the distant future, and still so far away that we wouldn't allow ourselves much time to dwell on the logistics of actually adding another member to our family. But "out there" is suddenly approaching and we are feeling the healthy blend of nervousness and excitement that is typical of anyone anticipating a new addition to their family.

Our Ethiopia dossier is complete. Our agency is sending it to Ethiopia this week. OUR DOSSIER WILL BE IN ETHIOPIA! Sometimes I find myself saying this repeatedly in an attempt to force my brain to absorb what is happening. It is very surreal. Within the next two months or so, we should be receiving a referral. A referral is basically a picture and some limited information about our son. We will have a short period of time to pray and talk to our pediatrician and then our agency will want to know whether we will accept the referral. Most referrals are accepted. So, by early summer we will likely have a picture and name for our child. Due to Ethiopian rules, we will not be able to publish this information or any photos until he is "officially" ours. The next step will be to wait several months until we are given a court date in Ethiopia. We do not have to go to Ethiopia for the court date, as we will have a representative there for us. Sometimes adoptions are approved on the first attempt and other times something is deemed insufficient or incorrect and changes must be made in advance of a second court date. Once the court approves the adoption, we will be traveling to Ethiopia to bring home our little guy. The timeline is difficult to estimate, as the adoption climate is constantly changing, but we hope to have him home before Christmas 2009.

Our China dossier is almost complete. We wanted to have this one finished first since the wait is much longer, but it was very extensive and it took a much greater amount of time than expected. We anticipate that it will be totally complete and on its way to China by mid-May. The wait in China is at three years currently, but could move up or down. It is very unpredictable and as difficult as it is, we just have to let that go and leave it in God's hands. He will know when our little girl is ready to join our family forever.

This is all extremely exciting and also a bit daunting. I heard someone describe their adoption process as being on a "need to know" basis with God...that God was providing information, finances, faith, etc. in very small little pieces. We are as ready as we can be, but it is all still a bit scary as it is a huge leap of faith. We covet your prayers and love as we continue to tackle this journey in baby steps.

On a side note, I need to give my husband much praise. He has been in charge of our paperwork - almost entirely. It has been tiring, confusing and at times, over-whelming...but he has plugged away piece by piece and the end is in sight. I am so proud of his effort! At this point he could probably be a notary and I believe he has visited every government office in this state. My three pregnancies were VERY challenging and miserable...we joke that these adoptions are his "pregnancies" (although he'll escape without morning sickness, weight gain or any of the other not-so-lovely body adaptations...so maybe it isn't quite the same).


myfourgems said...

I was glad to find your blog, it was great reading about where you are at in your process. So amazing what God is calling you to...I look forward to keeping up with your journey.

Will we ever get you over to PCS or have we lost you to Cornerstone forever? :)


Martha said...

Wow Tiffany! you are done... now waiting for the referral... now it gets to the fun part. thank you for all your encouragement as always!

Alex Donaghy said...

Many thanks for a good time visiting your web blog.

Happy holidays!

Notar Passau