Creation's Beauty

We are blessed with a beautiful view of the sunset from the back of our home. Sadly, each day at dusk I am usually so focused on the tasks at hand, that I do not consistently take in the site. Many times I am met by the vibrant colors during an unplanned glance out of our back windows. Each night it is beautiful, but some nights it is absolutely breath-taking. Pinks, oranges, and purples...

My soul longs for nature. When I stand on our back deck watching the day end...I can feel God. The experience is unquenchingly short-lived, but He is there in His creation. We all crave those times. Those brief experiences - standing by an ocean, listening to a river, stumbling upon wildflowers, feeling the crispness of beautiful fall day, beholding snow-covered mountains - those moments when our soul connects with how life was intended to be. The life that we were designed for before sin, decay and death. It is glimpse and then it is gone...even though our greatest yearning is to rest in the awe of God's creation for just a bit longer. I treasure these occasions. They are gifts from God - gifts that ease my fear, my doubt, and rescue me from the battle that life uses to attack my faith. It is fleeting, but for a few precious moments, there is peace in my soul.

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Martha said...

thank you Tiffany for your sweet encouragement; I too have just been feeling it lately. We just went home for Easter and am doing much better getting a break, but have some dread of getting back at it... would love to get together... somehow i have misplaced your email... Martha