Rotationplasty "Music Video" (The Cup Song With A 180 Degree Twist)

I've been taking a break from blogging. I love a summer with very little structure and a lot of family time...which leaves me with not as much computer time. We have been doing some fun things and life has been full and happy. Happy feels a little vulnerable after what we have been through...but more on that and our summer activities later.

We have had a really special opportunity this week to gather with some other rotationplasty folks. I will post more soon, but for now, check out this video done by Mike Gillette at The Truth 365. It is fun and clever. It is also a very real reminder that if you are one of the few lucky ones to beat this disease, there is still much collateral damage. 

The Cup Song - With A 180 degree Twist

Please "like" The Truth 365 on Facebook. They are working tirelessly to bring awareness to childhood cancer. 

The Truth 365

Awareness = $$$ = Research = Cure

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