Shadrack - An Orphan With Cancer - Can you help?

I hate that kids are orphans and I hate that kids get cancer. But to be both...an orphan with cancer. Oh my heart...it seems unfair. 

I received an e-mail tonight from my friend Andrea. She is quite involved with Wiphan...an organization that does amazing things for widows and orphans in Zambia. In the e-mail she told the story of Shadrack...an 18-year old double orphan who has been in the Wiphan program since he was in first grade. Shadrack was just recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The doctor feels that they have caught the disease early and the prognosis is hopeful, but for obvious reasons, Shadrack does not have the $5,000 needed to pay for treatment (chemotherapy is free to Zambians, but there are many other costs associated with fighting cancer). So...here my two passions have collided...orphans and childhood cancer. I know that not everyone will be able to help, but I also know that many can and will. This young man has been through much heartache already, what a blessing it would be for him to see the body of Christ circling around him, united in their effort to fight with him as he battles this disease. 

For a more complete version of Shadrack's story, please check out Andrea's blog:

If you don't need to know more and would simply like to donate, please go to the Wiphan fundraising link and enter "Shadrack" in the "comments" field:

Please pray for Shadrack and pass along his story. This sweet boy deserves to have hope and the chance for a bright future.

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Unknown said...

Very sad to know about Shadrack. I wish him good luck for his future and hope he will recover soon.