A Good Week

It seems that many of my posts...by "many" I mean almost all of them...center on the realities of motherhood. Hopefully it doesn't translate as complaining, but rather as an honest snapshot of where I am in my heart-changing journey through the joys and challenges of this role. But, as is common throughout life, we often times hear more about the negative or difficult because people don't comment and reach out when the going is easy. For example, we consistently convey information about issues with poor customer service or a bad meal out, but we speak much less often about a great experience. We reprimand our kids more than we praise them. The negative seems to always make headlines, while the positive gets lost. So today, a post about a good "mommy" week.

I was dreading last week. We had a good bit going on and my husband was going to be out a few nights. We were also coming off of a full-house for Thanksgiving and then a week with a toddler who had a tummy-bug (this should have been a separate entry because she woke up 6 mornings in a row covered in poop...I changed and washed her crib sheets no less than 10 times and then I spent several days with a mild case of what she had, probably because I'd been covered in her poop for days on-end...but wait, I digress...this is supposed to be a non-whining post).

But God met me last week. In spite of logistics that could have inspired a typed itinerary, He met me. I seemed to have more energy than normal, I was reasonably productive and I believe I even managed to be a kind and patient mommy for much of the week. I cherished the time with my kids and I felt overwhelmingly grateful to be their mother. I realized how quickly they are growing up and I wanted to freeze time because they are so precious. I suppose it is no surprise that I spent more time with God last week. I was more faithful with my quiet times. He is always there to meet me, but if I am not there to listen...no wonder I struggle. The week was long and physically exhausting, but it did not leave me feeling weary as it has on so many other occasions.

So, I suppose there is a lot to be learned from this. With the challenges of motherhood, I long to be content in the hour, in the day. An entire week is unusual, but I rejoice in it. It was an unexpected blessing. It was probably also a not-so-subtle reminder that I spend far too many days relying on my own strength.

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