Fast-Track to Frumpytown

The biggest thing I've noticed since having a third baby is my lack of time for personal upkeep. It isn't that I don't care anymore, because I do (somewhat). But there are only so many hours in a day and most of them happen to be occupied with other more pressing matters. "Feeding the kids" always beats "looking cute." However, I think I had sufficiently convinced myself that it wasn't too bad...until the other day.

I was wearing velour sweatpants, a black Loft t-shirt and a baseball cap. I also happened to have a bit of make-up on that day. When I picked my oldest daughter up from school she got in the car and immediately said,

"Mommy, why are you so dressed up?"

Enough said.

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Kate said...

I'm totally laughing!! that is hilarious. I feel that way with two, so this next one is gonna be difficult! Sydney is always wondering why I never wear my hair down. Hope you're doing okay! I haven't heard from ya in a while. love ya.