Tiny Bubbles

It is becoming more difficult to find activities that all of our children enjoy. At the ages of 6, 4 and 1 we are now covering several different stages of development. For a long time, our two oldest were content with similar toys, games and t.v. shows, but that all seems to be changing. Our six-year old daughter has recently informed us that she is too grown up for the "little kid" shows that her brother watches. And little brother is no longer willing to play Barbies with her unless he is using them as a weapon. So imagine my surprise when we discovered an activity that satisfied every one's demands.

A few weekends ago I was attempting to keep the kids amused on a Saturday afternoon. My husband was trying to finish our garage organizing project, and we were outside keeping him company while staying out of his way (?). What is this mystery activity that occupied the kids for the better part of an hour? Bubbles. Who knew? There was something for everyone. Our oldest daughter very patiently and deliberately attempted to blow the largest bubble possible. Our middle son, tried to blow as many bubbles as quickly as he could. And the baby simply poured the sticky liquid in her hair, while also taking the occasional break to eat the bubble stick. It was delightful though. For a sizable chunk of time they sat on the blanket and blew bubbles. This is almost unheard of "down" time at our house and I was amazed at our luck. The garage project was just about finished and I had some fun time hanging out with the kids.

As I sat and watched the three of them, happy as they could be, I was moved. Every now and then it hits me...the times when I need to pause and take it all in...to be in the moment. I'm sure I don't do it enough as I race from one activity to the next on our busy itinerary. But on this day, I stopped and took a breath. A beautifully warm summer Saturday, my three kids on a picnic blanket in the driveway, still little, still full of wonder, full of joy and giggles, just sitting and blowing bubbles. I tried to take a mental snapshot. It is a memory that I will cling to as the years pass. It was one of those moments when, in the depths of my soul, I could feel the blessing of being the mom of those three little people.

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jkstuke said...

Touching post, Tiffy. Don't ever doubt your ability as a mom. You are awesome!
Now I have a new Target list for when the baby comes...
1) diapers
2) wipes
3) crayons
4) goldfish
5) bubbles =)
Thanks for the tip!!