Happy Mother's Day

Last year on Mother's Day I was coming home from the hospital with my third baby. What a wonderful gift it was, to be adding that new little life to our family. As exhausting as newborns can be, there is a sweetness about that time that I will always miss. It is one of God's greatest gifts. Even after three children, I am still amazed at how fiercely a mother can love her little ones - immediately. There has been so much written about mothers that nothing I write here could compare. So on this Mother's Day, I wanted to spend some time reflecting on one thought - which I believe is a key aspect of motherhood. It is also an area in which I struggle immensely.

I have found one of the most difficult aspects of parenthood to be letting your children be who God made them to be. From the day these children come into the world, we are essentially raising them to leave us. If this is our goal, it should be very simple to understand that we should nurture and develop their talents, so that we can send them into the world to thrive and accomplish wonderful things. It should be obvious that they will be much more productive, successful and content if they are are honing natural abilities. But so many times I get lost along the way. I have the best of intentions, yet I still find myself forcing my children into my familiar idols of appearance and performance. Or I place expectations on them based on my desires or weaknesses or lost dreams. God has made these kids for a purpose. He has given them specific gifts and talents. Why do I force them to swim upstream, rather than following the current God has provided?

I have always said that I want my kids to be, "Who God made them to be." I have reached a time when my actions must prove it. Ugh.

I will close with a quote that I love. I believe it captures the heart of parenting. In his book The Healing Path, Dan Allender discusses his thought in regards to His son's calling:

"What is his calling? Perhaps he will be a welcoming pastor in a charismatic church. Perhaps not. What does it matter? He thinks he would like to be a cartoonist. He loves to draw. I don't care if he makes a lot of money, goes to college, finds a career, or sell Fuller brushes door-to-door. I don't want him to be happy, nor do I merely wait for him to find his way. I want him to use all he is for the kingdom of God. And my task is to delight in his passion, promote his desires, let him fail and sit quietly with him on the porch waiting for God to speak to us both."

When I can embrace this in both thought and action, I am the mother my children need.

Happy Mother's Day to my sweet mom. I am who I am today because she was a prayer warrior for 30+ years. Happy Mother's Day to my mother-in-law, whose dedicated service raised children who are two of my absolute favorite people. To all the moms out there, of any stage, motherhood is an amazing responsibility. Hang in there, have faith, give yourself some grace and do not lose heart. There is no more worthy job than that of a mother.

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jkstuke said...

You took the words right out of my mouth, Tiff. Keep these entries coming. I am now officially a member of your Fan Club.