I'm blogging...seriously?

This is my first blog...ever. To me, blogging seems utterly narcissistic. A forum in which I can espouse my various opinions on EVERY topic...other than my mother, who in the world would want to read that? Upon further consideration, blogging does indeed seem like the perfect hobby for this high-tech, "me" generation. Cynicism aside though, there are blogs that I enjoy reading. I may gain new insight or simply have a good laugh, but either option is ten minutes well spent. So, in an effort to remain culturally relevant, I am now a blogger.

The name of the blog - leaving it all on the field. In our former lives (read: before kids) my husband and I were college athletes. There is a familiar term in athletics - leaving it all on the field. It means that during the sporting event, you are giving 100% and are unable to push yourself any harder. When the game is over, you will have "left it all on the field." My husband and I have unwittingly integrated this terminology into our parenting life. For example, when we are each holding a screaming child while emptying the dishwasher, folding wash and attempting to change a poopy diaper, we will beg the children for patience because we are already "leaving it all on the field." Not only does the phrase concisely summarize the effort needed for athletics, it does the same of the effort needed for life. It describes both the immediate actions, but also the ultimate goal and this is how we are choosing to live our lives. We want to leave it all on the field.

The two people reading this blog may wonder, "But you have three small children and there are many days when you don't have time for even a shower, when will you blog?" This is a good question and I do not have a realistic answer. This might also be my last blog entry.

So, it is official. I have joined the ranks of pop culture. I still don't really understand MySpace or Facebook or why I would want all of that information to be public knowledge. But I find writing to be cathartic and I certainly have a lot of opinions, so blogging might be just the thing I need to keep my sanity amidst this insane season of life. Hope you enjoy it mom!

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Jenn Moody said...

Tiffy- Love the blog!!! Sally I think it is very entertaining and enjoyable and can't wait for the next edition. Please don't let this be the last one!!!!