Finishing Up in Taiyuan (Thursday)

Thursday was our last full day in Taiyuan. We thoroughly enjoyed the day because the pace was slower and there was a little down time. The morning was spent at the Shanxi Provincial Museum and was completely enjoyable as we learned all about this area. Shanxi is the oldest part of China and the heart of its origin, so there was much history to discover in this beautiful building. 

Shanxi Provincial Museum

We spent the afternoon relaxing at the hotel, since we now have a little one who needs a nap. Lexi is doing well, but it is easy to see that she is trying to process all that is happening. The first 24 hours or so, she was completely shut down and the smiles were non-existent. She seems a bit more relaxed each day, although very cautious and fearful. This sweet baby doesn't even understand what we are saying, so I'm sure she is still completely terrified. She was incredibly hungry and is eating like a champ. We put her on the scale this morning and it read just 13 lbs, which means she was lighter than that upon coming to us. By the way she eats it is obvious that she was starving. The precious girl will even save a little piece of food in her hand for hours after a meal, and if you take it away she gets so upset and the tears flow. Her little cry is so weak and pitiful that it makes your heart hurt. The kids have been great playing with her and keeping her amused. They are as smitten as we are. Because we are beginning the attachment process, Patrick and I are doing all of the feeding, changing, dressing, bathing, carrying and parenting duties. It is an important step in helping Lexi both bond with us and learn that the relationship with mom and dad is far more special than what she has had with any caretaker previously. She is sleeping well, although we know this may change upon arriving home. Nighttime waking can be a good indication that the child does expect you to come when they cry and is not completely shut down emotionally, so it wouldn't be a bad thing if she eventually has some evening sleep disturbances. We are certainly enjoying the rest for now though. It has been a long time since I've done middle-of-the-night baby stuff and I'm not sure that I will be able to recover this time around. Lexi was also able to meet her grandparents via FaceTime, so that had been fun as well.

Emmy in the lobby of the Shanxi Grand Hotel

Lexi meeting mimi, papa, nana and papa bear. 
She sleeps well at night, but puts up more of a fight for naps. 

Since all of our paperwork is completed on the Chinese side of things, we are finished with our time here in the Shanxi Province.  However, we have to stay until late Friday when Lexi's passport will be ready. Then it's back to the airport for the flight to Guangzhou and the final leg of this journey. We will be there for four days where I believe the bulk of the duties fall on the U.S. immigration side of things. The weather should be warmer and we will have some slower days, and that will be appreciated as well. A friend said that Guangzhou is like the Epcot China...so Luke may be able to get his hamburger after all. We will be traveling late into Friday evening and we would appreciate your prayers for a safe flight and a happy group of five kiddos. 

After a day of no smiles, I got this. 

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