Ethiopia - #8 (Random Thoughts)

There is still much to say about our travels in Ethiopia, but there just isn't enough time to say it. At some point, maybe I'll be able to write more about the journey. In many ways, it was a trip I will never forget. However, as life pursues us, I'm already beginning to see some of my memories fade. The pictures are still there, but the smells, the sounds, the emotions...I desperately want to hold on to those so that I have something to pass on to Caleb as he grows older.

So, in closing, just some random thoughts about our trip. Maybe at some point I can post at more length about the points below. For now, I'll keep them brief.

-I have never experienced poverty like we saw in Ethiopia. I've heard about it and seen pictures...Africa, India...poverty is everywhere. But to see the people, to understand how they live, where they live. I will never forget this and I pray God continues to open our eyes and break our hearts for the things that break His.

-We had been warned about street children...that when we were out and about they would be there begging. We were also encouraged not to give them anything, because we would get mobbed by the numbers if other kids found out. On our way to the Embassy, there was a little girl, about 5, who will haunt me forever. Shaved head covered in some type of fungus, shaved head, tattered clothes...alone on the street. Can you imagine what happened to her at night? Haunting. As I walked away from her, from all of these kids, I had to ask myself...can I truly call myself a believer and walk away from these children. Really? It is so overwhelming it can be paralyzing. I am still wrestling with this question.

- Ethiopian people are beautiful...inside and out. I didn't realize that their "look" was so distinct, but now that I'm home, I'm finding it quite easy to recognize and Ethiopian. The gorgeous skin, high hair-line...just stunning. But they are also so hospitable and they are very sweet to children. Generally, just an amazing culture.

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