Bailey's New Leg - Design Contest (anyone can enter!)

Hey all. Been quiet on the blog for a bit. The kiddos have had spring break in shifts the past two weeks and I've really been trying to stay away from the computer. However, we have had a very special opportunity arise in the past few days, and I wanted to share a bit. It is difficult for me to truly grasp the amazing blessings that keep coming our way. These opportunities that not only spread awareness about the horrors of childhood cancer, but also mix in a little fun and the chance for Bailey to both feel special and begin to get a glimpse of how she can use her story in a much greater way. We are thankful.

Due to both her growth and range of motion changes (these are good things), Bailey is ready for a new prosthesis. She and I had been talking and she really wanted to do something "fun" for this one. Bailey knows that middle school is coming and as she gets older, she will likely prefer (although with her, maybe not) the flesh-colored legs that look more like real legs...so we realize that the time for crazy is now! She has decided that for this next build, she wants to do a leg design that has a childhood cancer awareness theme. I contacted The Truth 365 because I really love their mission and how they are using various media fronts to tackle this awareness building/fund-raising issue as it relates to kids with cancer...a documentary, social media, etc. If you are not familiar with what they do, please take a moment to check out their website. The documentary is tough, but incredibly honest and I think everyone needs to know what these kids and families go through.

The Truth 365

We loved their logo and thought it would work well on a leg that could build awareness, but still needs to be feminine-looking. However Mike, at Truth 365, took my one e-mail and completely expanded the idea into something so much more fun...and they have launched a design contest for Bailey's new leg. 

Anyone can enter the leg design contest this week and those details can be found here.

Truth 365 on Facebook

Bailey is extremely excited about her new leg and I can't wait to post pictures when it is completed. We are grateful to Truth 365 for this opportunity.

Stay tuned...

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