Belk KidFest

Last weekend Bailey was the honorary CURE child for the Belk KidFest. When asked to do this event, we had no idea whether or not she would be able to make it, what her chemo schedule would look like, or how she would be feeling. But she really wanted to be a part of the day and it all turned out okay, as she was able to attend. Sadly, she had only been home from the hospital (after chemo) for one day and so she felt terrible for much of the time. She stuck with it though and we are very proud of our tough girl.

Thank you to Belk, The Forum, CURE, 104.7 The Fish (the picture above is of Bailey being interviewed by Parks Stamper for the radio), the Oswald Brothers Band, Mary Eva Tredway and the many other sponsors. It was great for Bailey to be able to share her story, receive some fun gifts and feel special for a day - and it is so important that we raise awareness and funds in an effort to end childhood cancer.

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jodymcnatt said...

i just absolutely adore her smile. she's such a fighter. thanks for the updates and ideas on how to pray. much love to you all...loving you guys from minnesota.