Bailey Update

So, just a quick Bailey update. She has finished her first two rounds of chemo, minus one Methotrexate (we will make it up later), which we ended up post-poning due to potential kidney issues...but it turned out that her kidneys were fine. Based on the national osteosarcoma protocol, it is now time for the tumor to be resected. She will be having rotationplasty surgery on June 5, 2012. This surgery will be very difficult on all of us - but especially for Bailey as her body will be forever altered. Following surgery, she will have a few weeks to recover. Then, she will begin chemo again...the time and medicines dependent upon whether or not the first rounds were successful at killing most of the tumor. We have missed much school this spring, however, she was able to attend many of the fun end of the school year events, so for that, we are very thankful. Please continue to pray for our little girl. 

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