Thankful for Saturday

A wonderful Saturday was had by our little clan today. In our life B.C. (before cancer), Saturdays would breeze by...full and busy...hardly noticed. Games and sports and chores and projects. A crazy day with no time for small things...the little blessings. Cancer changes that. It changes everything. But I have written much of sorrow lately...and I know that there will be many more dark, lonely nights that will spawn angst-filled posts about the ugly state of my soul. So for today, I want to rest in the moment. To celebrate the joy. To be grateful.

Dear Lord, 

Today, I am thankful...

For rest in my own bed, not on a hospital futon.
For a morning with no alarm clocks.
For a leisurely Saturday breakfast, made by my groom.
For warm weather, summer quickly approaching.
For ignoring chores.
For time at the swimming pool.
For dinner as a family.
For laughing and playing and siblings loving.
For sleeping under one roof.
Together. Finally.
Just our six.

Thank You.

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