The Bailey Brothers

I've mentioned before how amazing our kids' school is...but today...I am speechless. There was a group of parents that met for prayer this morning, specifically for our sweet Bailey. Then, the boys and girls in the fourth grade also split up to have their own prayer time. Following, a group of the fourth grade boys shaved their heads...to pave the way for Bailey...so that she would not have to do this "hair" thing alone. I really have no words. In an era when schools are so politically correct that they are unable to be effective in the lives of our children...to be so loved by this precious school, to see these parents and kids so willing to step up and bridge the gap for our little girl...to support us and carry us through this...thank you doesn't seem like nearly enough. There are no words suitable for what our hearts are feeling. Thank you to everyone for today...especially these dear boys...no, these are not boys...they are little men of God.

Check out the amazing video:

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Amy said...

Hi Tiffany - I caught a glimpse of Bailey's story this morning on Amber and Shawn Willoughby's fb page through the boy's prayer and head-shaving. After reading parts or your blog and caringpage - I just wanted to reach out and say we will be committed to praying for Bailey and your family. Our lives are very similar - we just brought home our then 2 year old daughter from Ghana in 2010 - and I just returned from March's Created 4 Care retreat! We have likely danced in the same circles at some point- I live on St. Simon's and just wanted to reach out and say I will be thinking about you and your family.