Quick Update

I've been putting detailed updates on the other website, so if you need that info, just let me know. Here is the quick synopsis for those prefer the short version.

Bailey has a bone tumor just above her right knee. It is Osteosarcoma. Both her chest and bone scans were clear and so it appears to be localized. The plan for Osteosarcoma is fairly standard and she will begin treatment this week and doctors are very hopeful. She will do about three months of chemo, have surgery to remove the tumor and then do another six months of chemo. It sounds simple when I list it out this way, but of course it isn't. There are side effects and blood counts and all sorts of things to deal with. The surgery piece is also huge and will likely present some choices that could be life changing, so that is scary as well.

Those are the basics...I wish it were all as simple as it sounds when I write it this way. For now we are focusing on today...one day at a time. The big picture is optimistic, but long and arduous and I think breaking it into pieces is the only way to walk through this.

We covet your prayers for a surgery solution that is greater than we'd ever hoped and for complete healing.

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