Kids Can Be the Body of Christ Too (Thanks PCS!)

I spent today, trying to focus on today. Sounds simple enough, right? It's not. The planning, the thinking four steps ahead, the what-ifs, the worst-case scenarios...apparently they come quite easily to me. But, thanks to the faithful prayer of many of you, who I know are praying for peace for me, and praying that I may have a super-natural ability to be in the moment...for today, I was able to do that.

So in an effort to stay out of the pit, even if it is just for one day, I'm not doing "sad" on this blog post. I'm not writing about wrestling or anger or worry or fear. Tonight, I want to share about something amazing that I am seeing in the midst of our struggle...the body of Christ at work...and more specifically, an even smaller piece of that body...the kids at Bailey's school.

We have our big kids in an amazing covenant Christian school. The school follows a Charlotte Mason approach to education...which I suppose could be described as a classical take on schooling. They have half days until second grade, a heavier focus on the arts, nature...and significant parent involvement. We were hesitant to send them there, not because we had doubts about the school, but because we had doubts about our ability to keep up with what was required of parents. Eventually though, we decided that it wasn't about us, it was about our kids (seems like an easy choice now, we must be either a little slow or alarmingly selfish...sadly, I suspect the latter). It was a school that would focus intensely on shepherding their hearts, teaching them about Jesus and instilling a love of learning. We have been very happy at this school and the experience has been terrific. But I had NO idea when we started two years ago, what it would mean to be part of a covenant school if (and when) the hard times came...no idea.

What we have experienced in recent weeks has been completely astounding...breath-taking really. Everywhere I turn, people are sending Bailey cards or gifts, bringing food, checking in to see what they can do...completely loving on us. We are covered in love, service...and mostly importantly...prayer. Bailey's sweet teacher has been nothing short of a miracle, for a number of reasons. The entire thing is awe-inspiring. But even as loved as we feel as a family, the outpouring that is coming from the children...to Bailey...it makes this mama's heart leap with joy. These precious kids are arguing about who will push the wheelchair or carry the crutches. They are making cards, cards with Bible verses to encourage Bailey in her struggle. They are praying. Some of the fourth grade boys have concocted a plan in which they will have a special time of prayer followed by the shaving of their heads down to a crew cut, shortly before Bailey loses her hair...so she doesn't have to be alone. There is one boy who has already done so...without fanfare or attention...just to show his support. The fourth grade girls are planning to wear hats that say "Team Bailey"...so that she is not the only hat-wearer as her hair starts to disappear. Her dear friends have signed up to love on her through good and bad times. These kids...they are all in...and we are completely moved. In a time when you hear horrible things about schools and education, kids and sadly, even some teachers...we are surrounded, completely engulfed, by this place, these educators, these kids who will do whatever it takes to carry us through this valley. It is beautiful.

There is so much more that I can say about the body of Christ working. The school is just the beginning of that story. It is incredible...and I will share some of it later. Tonight, I wanted to stick to one amazing little school, full of fabulous God-loving teachers...and the really special kids who go there. Thank you PCS!


Julie said...

I love to hear this. Thank you for highlighting how God is using these kids and teachers to show you His love.

nilima said...

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