Ethiopia Day

So, I've wrestled with how to celebrate Caleb's adoption day. It is a big date, one worthy of celebration. But as he gets older, it may also remind him of the sad, the loss he had to go through to get here. Plus, our other three kids are biological, so they don't have an adoption day...which further complicates things. For now, we've settled on calling it Ethiopia Day and making it more of a family celebration. I decorate with all of the Ethiopian goodies I've managed to compile, the kids all get a small gift and we go out for Ethiopian food for dinner. This year, I also checked out a video about Ethiopia from the library (the kids totally loved this!). As I've mentioned before, this plan is a work in progress and we may adjust as Caleb gets older and we see a need to change it. But for now, this seems to be going fairly well. It is a special day that everyone gets excited about and we try to fill it with some Ethiopian culture...so I think we'll stick with it...but we will certainly reevaluate each year to determine if whether or not changes need to be made.

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