Day One...21-Day Sugar Detox

Day one. A fresh new beginning.

I'm full of enthusiasm for this new start...three weeks of thoughtful eating...jolting my body back into health. I'm ready, I'm committed...

...then I got out of bed.

Both my final thoughts before falling asleep last night and my first thoughts this morning were about coffee...and my lack of, for the next 21 days...the sweet, creamy kind in which I delight. After a short moment of silence for that loss, my mind then turned to breakfast. I've got four kids to feed, two with severe food allergies...so food restrictions are a norm for us anyway...but now I have to add my own requirements into our already crazy morning routine. Yikes...was this really a good plan...did I think it through or was it some ridiculous resolution made enticing by the hope of a new year? Was this even a realistic undertaking?

My conclusion was that I can do anything for three weeks. But it didn't hit me until this morning exactly how uncomfortable this process might be. I can't just go to my normal stand-by, busy mom meals...a quick smoothie, a bagel, or oatmeal. This was going to require some thought and planning...not something I excel at when it comes to the kitchen. I can do the basics, but I'm certainly not a chef and if I'm honest, I do not really enjoy cooking...wow...what did I get myself into?

So...day one began this morning. The first thing I did was get on the scale, which I hadn't done in a while. I weighed...

Seriously - if you think I'm going to post that number here then you've lost your mind. Let's just say it was about what it always is. I've lived much of my life a slave to the scale and I refuse to let that infuriating little piece of metal have such an influence over whether I have a good or bad day. So, I get on occasionally, but not often. If I'm making smart food choices and working out consistently, my weight stays pretty much the same. I have a couple of pairs of pants I use as guides...if they start to get snug then I worry. Otherwise, if I feel fit and none of my clothes are tight, I don't give it much thought. I wouldn't mind dropping a few pounds, but I'm not going to obsess over it and weight loss isn't my goal in the next three weeks. I just want to feel better, to see if I can gain more control over my cravings and to learn if I can avoid those late afternoon blood sugar drops that leave me ready for a nap.

I took a trip to the grocery store today too...to stock up on a few items we were missing. Meal planning seems to be the most daunting task at this point. The hubby is doing the detox with me, so I've got to find dinners the kids will eat (and that meet our current food allergy criteria), but also ones we can modify to suit our needs...because I certainly can't be doing a la carte meals for everyone...that would be insanity.

As I write this, day one is drawing to a close. I feel as though I've eaten a lot of meat, eggs, cheese and raw veggies...much more than I do normally. I suspect that some withdrawal symptoms will be appearing shortly, so I'm dreading the potential headaches and fogginess and hoping that I can persevere through that brief period. I think I did well today...no cheating and I was only mildly grumpy.

Only 20 days to go.

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