Random Adoption Topics: Attachment and Transracial Adoption

There are a number of adoption topics which I frequently talk about either to friends considering adoption or to curious family members just interested in learning about what is relatively new language for our family. But two of the most important are attachment and transracial adoption. I thought both concepts might be worthy of a post, but there is a huge amount of research and literature and it always feels a bit overwhelming. However, one of my favorite bloggers has already said it much better than I ever could...so if these are things you would be interested in learning about, here are the links:

Attachment -

Transracial Adoption -

The second video on the transracial adoption post is one of my favorites...that mama and her "baby" are precious and I hope and pray that Caleb and I will have a relationship like theirs.

Check out Andrea's blog if you have a chance!

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