We have some new "adoption friends" who are very close to having their little one home. They have just finished their first trip to Ethiopia for the court date. All went well and it is only a matter of time before they will be able to travel back to bring home their son. While in Ethiopia meeting sweet baby Valor for the first time, his dad wrote these words and he summed it up so beautifully that I wanted to share them here.

"You pray, prepare and imagine in your mind what the day will hold. After nearly twelve months and 10,000 miles, that moment finally played out. Today I met my son, Valor. We hugged... he smiled and I cried. It was beautiful. Simply beyond words. I've been journaling and promise to share the details of this special day with all of you who helped make it so. Tonight joy consumes, but words escape me. It's the middle of the night and I'm sitting in a hotel room half a world away, pouring over pictures that I instantly cherish. Smiling through the tears and soaking it all in. Along with promise, we've learned that the journey of adoption comes with all kinds of uncertainties. But today every fear fell silent with one sweet embrace. An orphan no more, our precious son forever... perfect providence.
Daddy loves you Valor."
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