Post Adoption Report

As is typical with adoption, "done" is a relative term. Our last items of business are the Post Adoption Reports (PAR). These reports are basically a mini home-study that will be sent back to the home country in an effort to ensure that the adopted children are thriving and doing well in their new families. We have three PARs due throughout Caleb's first year home - one at three months, six months and one year post-adoption. These first three reports are completed in cooperation with the social worker who did our initial home studies. We are also required to submit photos - some of Caleb alone and some of him with all of us. Following the first year's reports, we will also be responsible for completing our own report yearly until Caleb is 18. I'm not familiar with the operations of other countries, but these PARs and pictures, are also compiled in a central location in Ethiopia - in the event that the birth parents would like to come view them.

We recently tackled our first PAR. On the surface, it was another piece of paperwork. The requirements weren't overly complicated or lengthy and most of it was completed by our social worker. But it was a bit strange to sit with my laptop, scouring pictures...wondering if Caleb's biological mother would ever see them. Which pictures would she want to see? Which would be too difficult? Would any of them bring her comfort and peace? Would she come to see them? Does she want to know how he is doing? I had so much running through my head that the photo selection portion became a fairly time-consuming and emotional process . It just seemed so important...in case she ever does see them.

So, the first PAR is complete. Compared to our previous paperwork, it was quite simple...although like every piece of this journey...it was a time of more reflection.

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