Small World

I had a "moment" in church today.

We were sitting with Caleb and next to us sat friends who had just arrived home from Ethiopia with their two boys. Less than three months ago, these children were in the same transition home in Ethiopia...and today, they were in church together...so far from their homeland. Again, the dueling emotions of adoption surfaced. I hurt for these boys. I grieved that they had been through so much pain - loss of their first families, loss of their birth country, hunger, loneliness. These poor kids have endured tremendous sadness at such a tender age.

But then God brought that glimmer of hope and my soul lightened. I don't know if it is consistent in all churches, but in ours, there is a growing movement to be a "father to the fatherless." I can list so many families involved in loving and serving kids in a variety of different ways...through domestic and international adoption, short-term and long-term foster care, giving financially, making meals, serving as baby-sitters...and the number is growing. We even have quite a few friends who have adopted specifically from Ethiopia. How wonderful and amazing God's plan is. Will Caleb have other Ethiopian kids in his discipleship group? In church? Will he have kids of all races and ethnic backgrounds in his class at school? Will he have adopted kids with whom he can connect...his own built-in support group because, years ago, his church embraced God's call?

It is moving to consider. As I sat today next to three precious sons of Ethiopia, I was filled with emotion. These kids have come so far. Their journey has not been an easy one. But it is all part of God's plan...for us and for them. Scattered about the physical building today were quite a few Ethiopian children and a number of other families in the process of adopting from Ethiopia.

The emotions of adoption continue to be complex...but at that very moment I was filled with awe as I considered the sweetness of what God was doing...even in the midst of brokenness.

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