Home Sweet Home

I didn't realize that it was snowing in Atlanta until our flight from Amsterdam landed and I looked out the window. I'm so thankful we were still able to travel home and did not have to spend another night away. Our trip to Ethiopia was amazing...truly like none other. We saw and experienced so much. We made many wonderful new friends. It was exhausting and exciting and I am so thankful we were given this opportunity. I am thankful for our new baby boy. I am thankful that we made it home safely and are together as a family again. I am thankful for the wonderful friends and family who have supported us in this very long journey.

I have so many pictures from our trip. Right now, I'm just trying to get sweet Baby Caleb comfortable in his new surroundings. I am also attempting to recover from the jet lag in an effort to re-enter my life. Hopefully after a few days, I can get back on track and post a few photos.

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