No Embassy Date Yet...

No news yet regarding our embassy date. There are a few things that must happen before we will be assigned a date and we are just waiting for all of those items to fall into place. On December 1 we learned that the investigation in Shashemene was complete. This is great news firstly, because referrals will once again begin flowing out of Shashamene. Secondly, it also means that our baby will be moved from the orphanage to the CWA foster home in the next week or two. This is exciting because the care at the foster home is quite good and it also means he is one step closer to us. However, it is painful to think about how our little guy will be affected by the move. He has been in Shashamene since about June and this will be another big and difficult transition in his very short little life.

This week we also received an e-mail containing his birth certificate. It is surreal to look at an Ethiopian birth certificate for a baby we have not yet met...and the birth certificate has our last name on it.

So, we are getting close to an embassy date...I hope. Once we have that date, we will immediately begin making travel plans. We have been expecting to travel in January, but there is a possibility that the trip could be at the end of December. I think I am still in shock that after so long, we are finally so close.


Brandy said...

Tiss, I could not be more excited for you guys. I know you are busting at the seams to get that sweet baby boy!!! What a wonderful year 2010 will be for you! Prayers and hugs to you all and I hope that you get that date really soon!!!

Julie said...

Oh, December would be so great! I'll pray it is sooner vs. later!!!