Adoption Update

We received our referral in mid-September. Since being given a name and pictures of our baby boy, the waiting has gotten so much more difficult. He is there and we are here. Before seeing his picture, I could choose to either day-dream about him or get lost in the busy-ness of life, but I didn't know who he was. Now, he is mine. I see him. I see his face, his big brown eyes. I want to hold him and love him as every child should be loved...the way only a mother can. But if there is one thing consistent with international adoption...it is the waiting.

So we wait. Again. Our paperwork is collected in Ethiopia and our agency has informed us that it is ready for court. However, there has been a recent delay in the processing of adoptions for babies from the region of Ethiopia where our child is from. This happens occasionally as authorities in Ethiopia work to ensure that all is legal and in the best interests of the children. We pray that the wait is brief. A similar issue in another part of Ethiopia was resolved in a few weeks. But really, we have no way of knowing how long it will take. This adoption is happening in God's timing and most days, I am at peace with that. However, to know that our little man is living so far away in an orphanage, when he could be here, being loved on, is very difficult. We pray for swift resolution so that we can bring our son home as soon as possible.

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